BitSovereign LLC

BitSovereign LLC was formed to market, manage and invest in Bitcoin and digital currency opportunities in developing and developed countries. The core belief of BitSovereign is #StayontheBlockChain, where transactions are safer and cost are minimal. Components of BitSovereign include:

  • Advertising, Data, and Digital Real Estate - BitSovereign operates as an Agency in the Digital Currency market. We represent, advise, and promote bitcoin and digital currency platforms and websites to existing and new users of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

  • Digital Currency Exchange - is a world-wide digital currency (no fiat) exchange. In partnership with Atlas ATS, the platform provides a secure, state-of-the-art digital currency trading platform for users and other end users.

  • BitSovereign Fund LLC - An internal bitcoin fund set up by the partners of BitSovereign LLC to invest in Bitcoin and digital currency opportunities. The fund will NOT have a traditional bank account as investments and distributions are 100% in bitcoin. Current investments and opportunities include:

    • Individual bitcoin users at BTCJam and BitLending Club.

    • A bitcoin mining group - Cloud Hashing.

    • Fiat Exchanges - While the goal is #StayontheBlockChain, the reality is people need and want fiat currency for their daily lives. We are targeting the markets of the Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, and Mexico, where has a large user base.

    • Soon we expect to make investments in individual users, groups, and brands on our sister company based on The BuzzScore.

    • We are now looking for opportunities in Bitcoin related companies.

Bitcoin Sponsored 2014 New York Judo Open

Please contact Mike Sweeney for more information.


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